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3 Common Snow-Running Injuries and What To Do About Them

Running In The Snow Is Hard Work. Rory loves snow. We have not yet determined whether she loves acupuncture. When the temperature drops and the snow starts falling, I start to see some specific injuries directly related to running on ice and snow.  But why, exactly, does winter running confer a [...]

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Trigger Points: Why Stretching Is Not The Answer

TRIGGER POINTS: WHY STRETCHING IS NOT THE ANSWER Trigger points cause real problems for athletes. Not only are they exquisitely painful, but they also affect movement. Trigger points inhibit range of motion by keeping muscles short and stiff. They also weaken muscles, causing them to tire quickly and recover slowly. They [...]

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5 Things You Never Knew About Trigger Points

WHAT IS A TRIGGER POINT? If you’re an athlete, you are probably familiar with the term trigger point. Maybe you've been told that you have trigger points in your upper back or your calves, and maybe you've been instructed to buy a special ball to release said trigger points or to do a lot [...]

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