Desperate and skeptical, I started seeing Ginna in May of 2015 after a year of injury and running hiatus. Since that first appointment, I see her almost weekly and attribute my health to regular treatments. I thank my lucky stars at the twinge of every little niggle that I have acupuncture to fall back on.

Cat Bradley, 2017 Western States Winner, Age 25, Boulder
Acupuncture has been instrumental to my joy and health for running as well as daily life for years. My immune system and running performance benefit tremendously. Regular treatments with Ginna prevent, reduce and treat injuries as well as correcting any imbalances physically, hormonally and mentally.
Timmy Olson, Western States Winner, Age 32, Boulder
I’ve seen Ginna several times for acupuncture and love it. Acupuncture is a part of my monthly routine of body work and serves as a great tool for injury prevention. Her acupuncture has helped ease pain in chronic problem areas while also helping healthy areas stay healthy! Thanks Ginna!
Emma Coburn, Olympian and American Record Holder, Age 24, Boulder
Ginna’s approach to sports therapy is the most effective method of treating tight, overworked muscles that I’ve experienced. The precision she achieves with dry needling to relax my tight hip muscles relieves the direct source of pain by pinpointing the problem areas. My favorite part is that there is no down time after a treatment and I can get right back on the trail!

Emily R., Age 27, Arvada
I’ve had problems with my left achilles for years and I got to the point where I
really needed to do something. For my treatment, Ginna put needles with electrodes
attached in my calf and around my swollen achilles. Since I’ve had achilles problems
for so long, I knew 1 session wouldn’t 100% fix it, but what Ginna did made a
significant difference. Within the next few days some of the swelling went down and
I had increased flexibility in the area. A huge step in the right direction! I also
really appreciated that Ginna was so kind and knowledgeable. I feel like I learned a
lot during my hour with her and left feeling like it was actually fun to get needles
stuck in me! It’s hard to get better than that from an acupuncture session!
Sandi Nypaver, Age 26, Boulder
I’ve been treated by various practitioners and I’ve found Ginna’s treatments to
be some of the most effective. I was having problems with insomnia and her
treatments really helped my sleep! Another time I had been having
increasingly bad wrist pain for weeks, and after a single treatment it went
away, entirely! She’s great.”
Jessica G., Age 24, Boulder
As a runner herself, Ginna understands an athlete’s body (and mind!). She
knows what to treat even when I can’t figure out exactly where my pain is
coming from or what triggered it. She’s reassuring, thoughtful and
passionate about acupuncture & running!
Silke K., Age 32, Boulder
After not being able to run due to plantar fasciitis issues for nearly 4 months, one session with Ginna and I just cranked my best time ever on my standard loop! Pain free and feeling great!
Niko V., Age 27, Denver
For years all my doctors said the same thing: the only thing that will stop the pain in your ankle is surgery. For some reason I kept putting it off. Then Ginna worked on me and the pain went away and has not come back. Cheers to procrastination!

The danger with Ginna’s treatments is that I feel like I’m an invincible 20 year-old nitwit all over again. In one session, Ginna reversed injuries that I thought I’d have for the rest of my life. She erased a lifetime of abuse. I think she is a sorcerer.

Jenn Shelton, Patagonia Ambassador, Age 31
Ginna is outstanding because she uses techniques specialized for endurance athletes. I go in with at least 5 problems verging on apocalyptic. She tackles every problem and THINKS about how everything is connected. I leave completely able to continue to shred the slopes or trails. I think BoulderAcusport is the main reason I’ve avoided serious overuse injuries since I’ve started getting treatment.
Clare Gallagher, 2019 Western States Winner, Age 27, Boulder
Ginna has an amazing intuitive and clinical approach. She was able to relieve my IT band pain in two sessions and loosened areas in my hamstrings that have been tight for years.
Heidi M., Age 34, Boulder
I have seen Ginna on several occasions for many running related injuries and have always had a thorough and effective treatment. Recently I had lingering knee pain after a 100 mile race and struggled with it for several weeks before seeking Ginna’s help. The pain seemed to dissipate almost immediately and I was back to running confidently the very next day!
Ryan S., Age 35, Boulder
“Ginna is an acu-genius. Running (and training for) 100 miles is tough on
the body. Thankfully Ginna is in my life to keep me healthy and my legs
moving. I was dealing with some nasty piriformis/glute medius issues.After a
few sessions, Ginna helped ease the pain and continue to work the issues
out. Ginna is a runner herself, which, I feel, gives her a deeper
understanding of my sports-related trauma/pain. She’s also VERY
knowledgeable. I ask a lot of questions and she is filled with answers. I’d
(I actually do already) recommend Ginna (& acupuncture in general) to
Jessica H., Age 29, Boulder
Seeing Ginna regularly has become an integral part of my training and adventuring. As a trail runner herself Ginna has an incredible understanding of the runner’s body to the point that I can walk in, rattle off a list of seemingly unconnected aches and pains, and she can decipher how they are related and which areas to target in order to fix them. Almost equally important to me, however, is her understanding of the athletes psyche. Her goal is to get you back to doing what you love as quickly as possible in a way that will allow you to live the life you are passionate about for the long run. I truly believe in what Ginna does and would recommend her to anyone!
Ashley Erba, Age 19, Boulder
Having been raised in a family of MD doctors I was skeptical about using acupuncture for treating some nagging overuse pain and tightness in the hamstring, low back, and glutes caused by heavy training. Already the day after my first session with Ginna, I was amazed how much looser and flexible those areas felt, and the pain was gone.

That very same weekend I nabbed my first pro win in my first ever half-ironman. The following week I had another treatment, raced another half-ironman on back-to-back weekends, and grabbed another pro podium. By seeing Ginna once a week after that, I was on a roll and was able to race successfully 4 times in 4 weeks!

Ginna is my go-to person I consistently rely upon to keep my body healthy.

Davide Giardini, Age 27, Boulder