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5 Reasons Every Runner Needs Acupuncture

The Repetitive Nature Of Distance Running Almost Guarantees Overuse Injuries. Unless you are proactively working to correct the imbalances precipitated by a daily onslaught of unvaried movement, at some point you will probably succumb to injury.  Instead of waiting around for their ailments to heal, runners are increasingly turning to acupuncture to speed recovery [...]

Three Things Endurance Athletes Need To Be Doing to Repair and Strengthen Their Tendons:

Tending To Your Tendons: Part 2 Tendon injuries are debilitating yet common for endurance athletes. As I covered in my last post, they are often managed poorly. Whether your injury is acute or chronic (and especially if it is chronic) there are three things you need to be doing to restore full [...]

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Tendonitis vs. Tendinosis:  Why This Matters For Endurance Athletes

Tending To Your Tendons: Part 1 Climber’s elbow. Achilles pain. Rotator cuff tear. Most athletes have experienced tendon pain at some point in their careers. In fact, tendon pain is one of the most commonly diagnosed chronic connective tissue disorders in sports medicine.(1) Minor injuries to tendons will resolve quickly by themselves, [...]

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